» My BIG50 And Beyond Journey

(15th august 2022)

      My last contest was the ABBF Asian in 2014. Yes, 8 years since I last competed. During this period, I tried to make a comeback a few times because I stil love the sport. Unfortunately, all my attempts failed. Somehow I always met with probs such as personal matters, injuries, work commitments (this is good though), etc etc.
      After many years of trying, finally I managed to make a comeback in this year's ABBF Asian Championships after 8 long years. I must thank The Almighty for this 🙏🙏🙏. Competed in Masters above 50 (>80kg) where I came in 3rd n Mixed Pairs where we (with Shelen) finished 5th. I AM HAPPY TO BE BACK!!
      Oh man, I hv to tell ya this was the most difficult prep in my 30 + years in competitive bodybuilding. I had to overcome many obstacles in order to step on stage.
      Coaching (Maldives team) n competing at the same time was tough enough let alone other setbacks n complications I had to face in this prep. Age too played a big factor. Slower recuperation n more prone to injuries are the 2 main concern. Not mentioning much slower metabolism ( hence harder to get lean) n the process of natural muscle-wasting as we age.
      I completely stop training for almost 2 years straight (2018-2020). I Was eating badly too n lost a lot of muscles n started to have love-handles on my lower back. Never before I was this out of shape and 1 day after looking in the mirror for self-reflection , I told myself enough is enough. I must do something bout it. So I forced myself to train at home during MCO (haha yes during this time). Maybe coz I was too free too at tht time during lockdown.
      This was in sept 2020. Then Started to watch my diet more closely n started morning fasted cardio too shortly after that. Competing again wasn't in my mind at all at first as I just wanted to lose fat around my waist n build some arms n chest to look fit.
      After a few months, my Body was responding well due to muscles- memory I guess. Legs were the first muscle to pop up again . Abs followed. Then slowly I could see a thicker chest, some arms n a v- taper after some time.
      After bout 8 mths Back to the gym, I decided to make yet another comeback n knew it wouldn't b easy this time at my age, injuries (will get back to this in part 2), n after such a long time being away from competition. However, I took this up as a challenge to see if I stil hv what it takes to compete. I like to challenge myself sometimes otherwise life would b so boring right?
      So I planned to do the WBPF World Championships in Uzbek in oct 2021. I had 5 months to prep.
      To cut a long story short, all was going well but sadly had to pull out final 3 weeks due to some unavoidable personal probs. Yes, again!!🤦 Was dissapointed of course coz I really trained hard for it. I did a photoshoot instead as I did not wanna waste my prep.
      A few months later I got my personal probs settled n since I was stil in decent shape, next sensible decision was to try for the Asian in Maldives in July 2022. Around this time, with God's grace, I was offered a job as the head coach for the Maldives team. Final 3 mths before contest I need to b there.
      My prep started in Jan 2022 n went very well. I was prepping even harder this time. Was getting stronger, bigger, leaner, better appetite and just felt healthy and great. My shape and lines were out again.
      BUT believe it or not, my prep for this show I met with even more challenges!
      ***to be continued****



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