» My BIG50 And Beyond Journey

(10th September 2022)

      In this part I wil continue from where I left off in part 1 when I yet again failed in my attempt to make a comeback for the Worlds in Uzbekistan in Oct 2021. It was my 3th or 4th attempt (can't remember exactly) since 2014.
      So I told myself if still unsuccessful, my next one would b my last. This time I let destiny to decide my fate. The contest was the just concluded ABBF Asian Championships in Maldives in July 2022.
      Prep started in Jan 2022, all went smoothly. After 3 months, one day, when I woke up I felt extreme pain on my left abdomen. Never felt like this before. I knew something was very wrong. It was so painful tht I had to go to the emergency room at a hospital.
      Doc did some diagnosis n found tht my appendix was badly inflammed n I needed a surgery immediately. According to the doc, I was lucky coz It had not burst yet.
      So I was admitted, had the surgery n stayed 4 days at the hospital post surgery. The operation made me very weak hence couldn't eat properly n train at all.
      I lost 8kg and felt like shot. Very Weak both physically n mentally. This was 14 weeks before the Asian.
      To make things worse, a week after discharged I was infected by covid. This was a week before I left for Maldives for coaching. 13 weeks before contest.
      This was the worst period in my prep as I was stil recovering from surgery n at the same time had to b quarantined in my room at home for almost another week. Talk bout bad luck. Everything tht could go wrong, went wrong! I was on the brink of giving up.
      Luckily, I just made it on time to recover from covid to go to Maldives. Phew!
      In Maldives, I went against the doc instructions n started back training as I did not wanna give up. Yes u can say tht I'm that STUBBORN! In total I rested almost 4 weeks from the gym n lost 8kg. I only had 10 weeks left.
      As a result, I had complications on my abdomen (pain on the left side n on the area where it was operated). This in turn caused my lower abs to bulge.
      I did what I could by working around my training routine as there were many exercises I couldn't do at all. Mostly compound exercises- dumbell rows, Barbell rows, deadlifts, squats, leg press n hanging leg raises. These are my favorite exercises. Matter of fact I dint do them at all till contest.
      I had to take painkiller everyday otherwise I couldn't train. I knew this was not the right approach but I remained stubborn. Luckily the pain subsided gradually. It took bout 8 weeks though.
      I was on the run all the time almost everyday in Maldives. Basically, I had no time for other things other than coaching n my prep.
      This was my daily schedule during my 12 weeks prep
      In Maldives:
      * 6- 7.30am - fasted cardio, abs, calves
      * 9-11.30am- coaching session #1
      * 1-3pm- own training
      * 4-6.30pm - coaching session #2
      * 8-10pm- paperwork for athletes' programs.

      Never was I this busy and tired in my life! Forgot to mention, final 5 weeks 1 hour extra everyday for posing practice with the team!! I joined them for this. I was like a robot really. 6 days a week the same routine for 3 months!
      I also have a very bad rotator cuff impingement n bone problems (did MRI) on left shoulders (due to years of intense training), a torn left triceps ( left with almost zero muscles there due to aging process)n 2 slipped discs (L4 and L5) which occurred long time ago. These affected my training greatly.
      It was really difficult n without FAITH I would have surely given up competing. At times, I was so close to binging n saying "screw this shot". But for the love of the sport I remained hopeful.
      I came in at only 85kg but condition wise ok. Thank God on contest day, my abdomen pain was 90% gone and I was able to flex quite properly on stage. My shoulder is still a problem though.
      So this was my experience on my comeback. Not a very good journey but I must thank The Almighty for giving me the strength to finish Wht I ve started.
      As I said many times, I'm happy to be back. Despite many setbacks, I really gave every inch of my strength in this prep. The journey was pretty rough but I'm grateful n happy despite all coz I was still able to come in shape.🙏 I tried my best and that what it counts.
      Thank God, I've fully recovered now. If you ask would I do it again and my answer will be YES but definitely not coaching and competing at the same time. Definitely not at my age!



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