» My BIG50 And Beyond Journey

My BIG50 And Beyond Journey
(Sept 2021)

      Bodybuilding is always in my blood and I love this sport very much. I started training at the age of 18 in 1988 n did my first contest a year later. Was really active all the years till 2014 after I came in 4th in Mr Asia in Chinese Taipei. After that I kind of got sick with training n competing n stopped this sport to focused more on my personal life n business.
      Now at the age of 51, I'm embarking on a new journey to a "fitter me" n my goal is to see how far I can go in developing my physique again.
      It's not an easy journey. Started training back about one year ago. Been very consistent n decipline in training n diet n this is how I look so far 1 year later.
      In the 7 years absence, I hardly train n wasn't eating right n as a result of that I lost a lot of muscles n actually gained quite a lot of fat especially on my lower back. Never before in my life I was this out of shape. I also wasn't feeling good as I was always weak and tired n that was one of the reasons I started back training.
      No plans on competing again yet anytime soon. Thats not my priority but u never know. They have this saying "once a competitive bodybuilder always a competitive bodybuilder". Lol.
      However, I will only think about it when I think I'm ready.
      As for now, I'm just happy to b living a healthy lifestyle again.
      Im very happy with my progress n I believe tht this is just the beginning of "MY BIG50 AND BEYOND JOURNEY"



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