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Wong In Acting!
(27th March 2009)

      Acting is something i have been thinking of doing all this while. Finally, I got this opportunity when i was selected from an audition for a role in a local Malay tele-movie. Its a 2 hour T.V. drama for Astro Ria channel and will be aired in June. I played a Chinese warrior by the name of Cheng Ho, a stout and muscular man with superior strength and power. The genre of the movie is action and comedy.
      I went to the audition last November but only got selected in early February (that's 6 weeks before the start of production). They wanted me to be muscular but not too big for the role. At first , i wasnt sure if i could get in shape in a mere 6 weeks because i was quite out of shape at that time (compare photos before and after). But i told myself i have to do it no matter what because i didnt want to let this opportunity in acting to get pass me. I dieted strictly, did cardio every morning and trained like there is no tomorrow for 6 weeks and managed to get in shape just on time for the production. They were suprised to see how much my physique had changed in a short period of time. Well, thanks to my years of experience in getting in shape for contests!! I weighed about 90kg (198lbs) on the day fo production . I was pretty conditioned and cut and this was the lightest i ever weighed in a long long time.
      Acting is very tiring at times but its good experience and exposure for me since it was my first time doing it. Its something i want to pursue in the future! Who knows maybe i will make it to Hollywood one day (LOL!) .Got to meet lots of interesting new people and they were very fun to work with. The shoot for the entire movie was 10 days. It was done at different locations within the city of Kuala Lumpur. All of us were happy when the shoot was over because we all knew that we gave our best. Now i am eagerly looking forward to see myself on TV in June!!

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