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Wong's Prep for the IFBB Australian Pro G.P.
(14th February 2010)

      I apologize for not updating you guys for a long time as i have been extremely busy with my PT business and preparation for my next show the Australian Pro GP on 13th March in Melbourne. I am happy to be back competing again after 2 years and this time i will be competing consistently for a few years till i achieve my mission in bodybuilding of qualifying for the Mr. Olympia and get an invitation to the Arnold! From now on I will do as many shows as possible (target 4 shows a year) coz I know that I need to get my name out there first before I can move up the ranks. But I will make sure that each time i come in i wil look better than the last time. Thats the only way to get the judges to notice me! I strongly believe that i still have 5 good years in top-level competition. All these is made possible with my collaboration with Egonutiritions, the first and biggest supplement company in Malaysia! I have been their sponsored athlete for the past 4 months and this has cut down my contest prep expenses tremendously!! I signed a 1 year contract with them and my agenda for 2010 is competing (at least 3-4 shows this year) and to expand my PT business. So far I am doing pretty good!! Its not easy to compete at this level and have to work at the same time. Its all in the mind though and I know that I can do it! My bodyweight at 4 weeks out is around 105kg/ 230 lbs. Been doing a lot of different things in training (supersets) and nutrition (zero carbs for the first time!!) tis time around coz i want to come in better than my last show 2 years ago. At the Santa Sussana 2007 I was quite big but didnt have that hardness. I am very happy with the way i look now and infact i have never looked this good before at 4 weeks out! I already have more striations, deeper cuts, better glutes, rounder muscle bellies and better overall conditioning than ever! Hopefully the judges will notice my improvements. Next show after this is the New York Pro on th 8th of May! Will keep you guys posted again soon! Stay tuned. Out!



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