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2008 & Guest Pose At Mr.Gym Rakyat
(15th December 2007)

      I was invited as the guest poser at a local bodybuilding contest, Mr.Gym Rakyat on 15th December. In only its second year, this event was a huge success considering the fact that it attracted about 150 contestants throughout the country and the turnout was around 2000 people!!! It was organized by the Ministry of Sport with Malek Noor (former Mr.Asia) and I am very happy to see that the government is doing something to promote the sport in the country. The Sport Minister, Datuk Azalina and other VIPs including Datuk Gan Boon Leong (the chairman of Malaysian Bodybuilding Federation)and my friend and nutritionist, Ali Amini are part of the VIPs of the evening.
      I entertained the crowd with my new improved package (overall balance and density) at a bodyweight of around 115kg (253 lbs). I am currently 6kg heavier than my last off season's bodyweight with better condition!! I will be going full force in a week or 2 as I start my prep for the Australian and New Zealand Pro shows on 8th Dec and 15 Dec respectively. Ali and I are both excited about the shows. I do not know how well i will fare as we all know that the result is out of my control but one thing for sure is that WONG will be coming in 110% better than at the Santa Sussana! In the next few weeks, I will have the countdown pics as usual for you guys to track my progress. I wish all my fans and friends a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2008!



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