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No.8 at the IFBB Australian Pro
(18th March 2007)

     I came in 8th at the Australian Pro on 10th March. I am happy with the result as my last show was 3 years ago. However I wished I was called out for more comparison though. As promised, I came in the best shape of my life at 222 lbs. At the night show I gave a good routine and the crowd went wild. I still need to work on my routine though to entertain the crowd more for my next show.
     Feedback rom the judges was that i overdieted a little for the show. As a result, I lost some of the hard earned mass on my chest. One of them told me if i came in like the way i looked 2 weeks out, i could have done a lot better. It was my first time working with my nutritionist, Ali Amini and he is still learning about my body. Now we know exactly what to do in order to come in better for my next show. Mark my words, I will come in A LOT BETTER the next time I step on stage!
     It was a well organized show and I already promised Tony Doherty that I will be back next year. My next show is going to be the Montreal Pro on 8th March then 2 weeks later, the Santa Susanna in Spain. Also, i will be doing all the post Olympia European shows in October. As you can see, I will be busy competing this year. I got to do more shows to move up the rankand hopefully get to qualify for this or next year's Big O!!


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