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Wong Hong in India to Finish the Unfinished Job
(13th March 2011)

      On 2nd of March 2011 out in India all the newspapers , banners and hoardings featured full of colorful posters of Wong Hong the bodybuilder the gentle giant world champion , who went back to finish the unfinished job of training the bodybuilders and sports and fitness lovers whom he promised and trained during his first visit in September 2010 .
      Wong Hong received a heroic welcome at the New Delhi Airport itself by the bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts as they all know that due to his expert training and counseling India won Two Gold Medals during the WBPF World Bodybuilding Championships in Varanasi India in November 2010, creating a history by itself as this was the first time that India won two Gold Medals in a World bodybuilding championship .
      Wong Hong stayed in India till the 11th of March 2011 , touring different cities and gyms giving personal training to a vast number of bodybuilders and fitness oriented citizens , proving himself a true ambassador of the bodybuilding sports , the Indian Bodybuilding Federation will always be indebted to the Father of Bodybuilding the Secretary General of the ABBF and WBPF Datuk Paul Chua for sponsoring Wong Hong in India and not to forget the Executive Director of WBPF and ABBF Ms Christina Y Kam for coordinating the complete trip .
      During his visit to India Wong Hong has visited more than 5 cities and the number of people he has given consultation is over 100 bodybuilders and fitness fans.



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