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Wong Hong The Great Ambassador and Great Asian and World Champion Bodybuilder Arrives in Style in Varanasi- India the Official Host City of the 2nd WBPF Men's World Bodybuilding Championships to Promote the World Event
(19th September 2010)

      The sky was warm with deep clouds of rains in Varanasi it seemed that even the mother natures is at it's best to welcome the brand ambassador Wong Hong (Malaysia) of the ABBF for the WBPF World Men's Bodybuilding Championship in Varanasi, hundreds of people gathered around to welcome the bodybuilder , the perfect gentleman , a fine example of strength and humbleness and that's what the greatest of all sport bodybuilding has taught him all through his journey of life.
      As we drove through the traffic of the city discussing about the tremendous potential of the Asian countries in the bodybuilding sport quite a few journalists and sports reporters followed us to the destination and thus began an informal interview session wherein Wong clearly stated the reason of his shift over to the WBPF from the erstwhile IFBB , Wong boldly put up as the over use of the drugs and doping in the sport , he along with many other renowned bodybuilders quit competing in the championships organized by the IFBB and are now comfortable in the WBPF committed to dope free sport.
      We will keep you updated more about Wong's tour of India promoting bodybuilding and the WBPF World Men's Bodybuilding Championship in the coming days as the wait is coming to be over on 27 October the big day arrives.



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