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10 tips to lose weight/ body fat

1. Eat less calories than your body needs.
Eventhough i dont really count calories, but no one can deny the fact that its impossible to lose weight if one overeats.

2. Reduce fat intake
Avoid deep fried foods coz they are calory densed. Take good fats instead such as salmon, oilve oil, nuts, etc

3. Reduce carbs and simple sugar
Less carbs and sugar means our body will tap into fat reserves for fuel and hence we will lose bodyfat. Cut down on white rice, white bread, spagetti, noodles, cakes, ice cream, kueh-mueh, etc

4. Eat smaller but more frequent meals
Reduce the portion of each meal according to your weight/size and try to have 4-5 meals consists of mainly protein (chicken, fish, eggs, lean beef), low carbs (brown rice, sweet potatoes, oats, whole wheat breads), and some good fats (olive oil, almonds). Dont forget your vegetables. Digestion needs energy and hence boost ones metabolism each time we eat (if we dont overeat though!).

5. Plenty of water
Please please please drink and drink. Water will not make us fat or bloated coz we sweat so much during training. We need to replace whats lost otherwise our performance will suffer. Furthermore, water is needed in the fat burning process.

6. Cardio
Join group classes or hop on a treadmill, ellepticals or stepper to burn extra calories. More calories burned means a trimmer waistline (provided diet is sound). Can also play your favorite game ie: swimming, badminton, tennis, baskettball, futsal, etc etc

7. Weight training
Im sure by now we all know how important is weight training. Muscle increases ones metablism so it makes it earsier to lose weight/ body fat.

8. Recuperation
Dont over do it. I know the best way to lose bodyweight is by dieting, cardio and weight training. I recommend 2-3 times a week on weight training and 2-3 times on cardio. At least 1 day just relax and recuperate. Also, get 6-8 hours of sleep a day. I personally cant function and concentrate if lack of sleep.

9. Reduce/ eliminate alcohol
For drinkers, no choice but to reduce your booze. Alcohol contains almost as much calorie as fat per g. Also, it doesnt contain vits and minerals (empty calories).

10. Multi-vits, minerals
Our body needs more vits and minerals since we are eating cleaner and fewer calories and the variety of foods is somehow limited.

P/S: Also the way you prepare your food is important. Go for grill, steam, roast, and boil. All the best!!

Typical Diet for Quality Mass (off season)

Meal 1:
2 Cups of Oats in water or low fat milk (bout 4 tablespoon of dry instant oats)
5 eggs any style (preferable hard boiled or half boiled) 2 yolks
coffee/tea/low fat milk

Meal 2:
Tuna salad (1 can tuna in water) add vinegar and olive oil instead of traditional dressing
1 pc fruit

Meal 3 (lunch):
1 cup white/brown rice
2 grilled/steamed skinless chicken breasts
1 cup boiled veges

Meal 4:
Same as meal 2
Egg salad (5-8 hard boiled egg whites)
Whole wheat roast beef sandwich (easy on dressing!)

Train (max 1 and a half hour)

Right after training hv your whey protein shakes in water with 5-10g of creatine and 5-10g of glutamine

Meal 5 (dinner):**
Same as meal 3
2 medium size baked/boiled potatoes
2 grilled chix breast/ 1 steamed whole fish/ 300g lean steak
mixed salad
1 pc of fruit

Meal 6 (before bed):
5-8 egg whites
protein shakesin water (whey or casein)

Above is an estimation of the amount of food for a 85-90kg bodybuilder. You have to adjust the amount according to your weight. I dont count calories. I make sure i eat at least 6 small meals spaced evenly thru'out the day. Each meal must contain a source of protein for positive nitrogen balance in our body.

Can have a cheat day in a week . Eat whatever you want reasonably. Yummy!

** MEal 5 (dinner)- skip the carbs on non training days. In general eat lower carbs on non training days. Can also skip carbs in other meals on non training days.

Can use herbs ie ginger, onions, garlic, pepper, fresh chillis, etc etc in cooking. Opt for grill and steam or boil.

Use olive oil in salads. Also take fish oil/flaxseed oil for good fats that our body needs.

If above diet fills you up too much you can reduce the amount. If hungry, you can increase the amount. MAKE SURE the type of foods stays about the same.

Drinks at least 8 glasses of water daily.

Watch your sugar intake. Good luck and all the best

The Pros and Cons of Fructose

         Fructose is a simple sugar found in many foods, including fruit sugar, honey, corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup. Itís almost twice as sweet as sucrose (table sugar).

         When humans consume excess fructose, itís more likely to go towards the production of fatty acids and cholesterol than toward the production of glucose to fuel your muscle.

For bodybuilders, you can eat some fruits (2-3 servings) on a daily basis without worrying about the side effects of fructose. Fruit juices, however are a different story as they do not have the fiber that slows down digestion and absorption of whole fruit.

         Fructose does have some advantages within the human body. When you consume fructose it does not elevate blood insulin levels much and by keeping insulin levels down helps avoid the deposition of fat.

         For those who want to lose bodyfat, then avoiding fructose as much as possible is probably a good idea, otherwise 2-3 servings of fruit a day is recommended.

Omega For Muscle

          The omega-3 fatty acids, found in fish, and the omega-6ís, found in safflower and corn oil, are known to be ďgood?fats. Not only are these fats beneficial for your health (they promote a lower incidence of heart disease, arthritis, and have anti-inflammatory properties), they may also help muscle protein accretion as shown by a study conducted in Japan in 1999. If you are looking for an anti-catabolic fat, omega-3ís may work best. My suggestion is to eat omega-3 fatty acids in fish at least twice a week.

My Favorite Supplement Combination

          My favorite supplement combination is creatine monohydrate, glutamine, and a good quality whey protein powder (whey protein isolate).

         Creatine is a compound necessary for the regeneration of ATP for muscle contraction. This supplement increases oneís strength and endurance tremendously during intense workout session. Recommended dosage 5g before and right after training.

        Glutamine is an amino acid that inhibits muscle breakdown and is the most abundant amino acid in the body, hence it is important for muscle recovery after a strenuous workout session. 2g after training 2g right before bedtime.

         Whey protein has the highest biological value (a value that measures protein quality) and is rapidly absorbed , necessary for keeping the body in an anabolic state (muscle building) especially right after training. I consume 3 protein shakes a day. One in mid morning, one (combined with creatine and glutamine) within 30 minutes after training and one right before bedtime (combined with glutamine) for the process of muscle building during the 8 hours of sleep.

Best Ways To Stimulate Growth Hormones For Mass
  1. Glutamine gets it done
    Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in our body and is important in the recovery process after a strenuous workout session. Take 2 g before and after your postworkout meal for GH spike.

  2. Eat a high glycemix index carbs before training
    Oatmeal and yams are the best carbs choices for your pre workout meal, as they are digested slowly and peomote the release of small to moderate amount of insulin. High glycemix index carbs, such as sugar, fruits and rice cakes promote surges in insulin that inhibit the release of GH.

  3. Eat right postworkout meal
    Fast acting carbs such as fruit juices, mashed potatoes and carbs drinks should be paired with easy-to-absorb protein sources like whey protein to increase GH output in .the first hour after intense training

  4. Train heavy
    Exercise is an effective method of releasing GH. Train with heavy weights and maximum intensity on all your lifts to kick start your GH into high gear.

  5. Stick to basics
    Compound multijoints exercises like squats , bench press and leg press (in which you utilize the heaviest poundages) are superior to leg extension, dumbbell flyes, leg curls when it comes to releasing GH

  6. Rest between sets
    Rest 1-2 minutes is an ideal length of time , with greater GH releases occurring on the shorter end of that range.

  7. More sets for more GH release
    Training to failure for multiple sets are necessary for more GH release. Make sure you are lifting heavy and working har in each exercise to maximize gains.

  8. Go for the herbal blast
    A combination of 334 mg of Mahuang (2-4 caps) and 150-200mg of caffeine (1-2 cup of coffee) prior to a workout act as a stimulant to increase the force of muscle contractions while boosting norepinephrine (NE) can help you train harder, spares glycogen and may help you increase GH if you donít overtrain. Training too hard and too frequent (overtraining) increases cortisol excessively which suppresses IGF 1 and limits effects of increased GH.

Different Types of Protein

  1. Whey Protein

    1. Contains 10% intact imminoglubin proteins that help support the bodyís immune system (immuno enhancing property)
    2. Contains the highest concentration (23-25%) of BCAA. BCAA is important to bodybuilders because they are the integral part of muscle metabolism and are the first aminos sacrificed during muscle catabolism (ie: in a strict diet) .
    3. Has a very high biological value (BV). BV is basically a measure of how well a protein is utilized by the body.
    4. Ability to stimulate IGF-1 or insulin growth factor production

    1. It is the most expensive protein especiallt ultra filtered ion exchange whey protein isolate.
    2. Low in essential amino acid namely phenylaline.

  2. Casein

    1. May help regulate transit time of proteins through the gut. This showing of transit time may help increases absorption of amino acids. Greater protein absorption may help bodybuilders more easily meet the amino acid requirements.
    2. Contains very high glutamine content. At 20.5% , it is the higher than whey , soy and egg protein. This can help spare muscle during intense training in periods of dieting.

    1. Not as quite as abundant in BCAA as whey protein
    2. Nautral casein sometimes tend to contain moderate to high levels of sodium and lactose.

  3. Soy Protein Isolate

    1. Contains the highest concentration of amino acids in what is referred to by protein technologies as the "critical cluster". This includes the BCAA and the 2 conditionally essential aminos- glutamine and arginine. These concentrated source of critical aminos may help bodybuilders spare muscle during a diet phase.
    2. A consistent intake of soy protein may enhances oneís endogenous production of thyroxin T 4 and T3 and even insulin , thus increases the metabolic rate.

    1. Low in essential amino acid namely methionine

  4. Egg Protein

    1. Provide and outstanding amino acid profile
    2. Provides an excellent high quality whole food protein source

What to When and Why

Bulking Up
  1. I suggest focusing mainly on the use of whey protein mixed with casein with a 1:1 ratio. This will create a total protein which is very well balanced in overall protein.
  2. Other benefits of this combination includes caseinís high glutamine profile which covers for wheyís lower level. Glutamine is indispensable when come to growing muscles.
  3. Caseinís slow digestion may allow more of the protein mixture to be absorbed from the gut. When you are trying to pack on muscles, itís hard to eat all these foods to support muscle growth, so any digestion enhancement is a plus.

Dieting Down
  1. I suggest a combination of soy protein isolate 50%, whey protein 25% and casein 25% would be ideal. Soy protein is dieterís protein due to its ability to help increases metabolism through support of thyroxine production, even during high physical stress and low calorie intake is invaluable.
  2. 2. This combination is not only possible balance out any of the shortcomings of soy Ėnamely lack of methionine but also to provide a healthy dose of BCAA and glutamine to help prevent muscle catabolism.
  3. 3. The addition of whey protein also brings its unique immuno-enhancing properties to the mixture which is very important during calorie restricted diet.

7 ways to Maximum Muscle Growth

?Lift Weights!
Do heavy sets of 4-12 reps. Muscles growth only occur when muscle cells are damaged. You have to provide a significant amount of stress to the muscle that leads to muscle growth. Lift heavy enough that you cannot go beyond 12 reps and occasioanally lift super heavy weights that allow you to perform no more than 4-5 reps.

?Do Not Work Out Too Often
If a particular bodypart is sore, do not work it until the soreness is gone

?Eat a High Protein Diet
Consume at least 2 g per lb of bodyweight each day to stimulate muscle growth as protein is the building block of muscles.

?Eat Frequently
Eat 4-6 small balanced meals (with carbs, protein and some fats) spread evenly throughout the day so that your insulin level is consistant and to keep you in an anabolic (muscle building process) state at all time! Eating more often will also maintain stable energy level , a controlled appetite and so on.

?Use Creatine Monohydrate
Creatine is one supplement to lean body mass and strength. It is a naturally occurring chemical that is one of muscleís main source of energy. Take 5 g before and 5 g after workout for maximum benefit.

?Gorge Your Body with Carbohydrates After Your Workouts.
Drink a high protein drink to lower the cortisol level (leads to overtraining and muscle destroying) following a workout. Downing a protein shake following a workout will also increase glycogen level and supply muscle with the protein they need to recover from the damage you have no doubt incurred.

A good protein shake should consists of:
50-100 g of carbs (mixture of low and high GI)
40g of good quality protein (ie: micro filtered whey protein isolate)
5 g of creatine monohydrate

?Change Your Training Routine Often
Use a variety in your workout to shock your muscles into new growth. If you follow the same routine all the time, your body will adapt to the same stress applied and your progress will be in a hault!

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