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I am a certified personal trainer and have 7 years in personal training. I hold a Master's degree in Human Nutrition and Food Science from Colorado State University.

My mission as a personal trainer is to help you achieve your fitness goals. My clients range from those who want to lose weight/body fat, toning, sport conditioning, and those preparing for a bodybuilding, fitness, or figure competitions. I place great emphasis on resistance training with weights, stretching for flexibility, endurance, strength, and balance.

My goal is to help to you to get in the best possible shape in the shortest period of time. I always encourage my clients to push to their limits during their workouts.

It is my responsibility to make my clients feel comfortable while working out with me and create the excitement they feel doing something physical they didn't think could accomplish.

Every set, rep, and types of training will be recorded in a training log for future reference. Training program will be changed when necessary to overcome plateus. Diet and nutritional plan will also be prepared to help my clients reach their fitness goals.

I am located at KL Barbell Club, Lee Chong Wei Sport Arena, Jalan Sri Sentosa 2A, Taman Sri Sentosa, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

RM 300.00 per session (minimum package of 15 sessions)


"Wong is a true professional in every sense of the word. His physical accomplishments, and passion for bodybuilding and fitness, are up there with the best in the sport. I have found Wong to be a sincere, intelligent, man, who has a great deal of respect for his fans. He is sure to have a bright future in the bodybuilding and fitness industries."

David Robson: writer for bodybuilding.com, athletes.com, martialedge.co.uk


      I am a long distance runner and have completed many runs as a hobby just to name a few marathon 21k , hiking to gunung Tahan , Annapurna circuit ( 5416 m) , li jiang hiking china (110 km - 8 days ) ,etc .At that time my body weight was only 70 kg .I then realized that as I age and continue running , my knee will start to give way so I decided to joint WHBC gym . There I met sifu wong . With his professional advise and some extremely excellent training programs my body has transformed to an incredible physique.Amazing results achieved from WHBC .i am 55 years old.
      I started off with 15 % body fat and stagnant for 4 months .It took me exactly 4 months to go through Sifu 's Wong extremely effective training program to achieve this kind of body composition with 11 percent of fat . Training 4 days a week under his Influence and guidance with his effective program the physical body has changed and transformed in to a wonderful physique. My next aim is to achieve 1 figure body fat within the next 1 year. I believe and have the confidence that it is possible with Sifu 's wong guidance and advise. My message for anyone who is looking for gym , I would strongly recommend WHBC . It is a complete different gym compare with many other gyms I have attended before . It is simply a professional gym with lots of expensive one of a class equipment from USA .

Kumar's physique transformation

      I was introduced to bodybuilding at age six, and have since been a fan of the sport. During my pre-teen years, I became obese… and although I had the knack for sports, my weight was an obstacle.
      When I was 19, I started working out at Our Gym in SS2, PJ. It was owned by Mr. Yiap, a close friend of Wong Hong. Our Gym was also the first gym that Wong Hong used to train at.
      Despite my deep interest and admiration for bodybuilding, I found myself very lost as I did not know how to get information about the sport, as resources were very limited as people were not willing to share.
      It was Mr Yiap who noticed my keen interest. When Wong Hong returned from the United States with his IFBB pro card, Mr Yiap introduced me to him.
      Knowing that I was only a student at that time, and also a member of Mr. Yiap’s gym, Wong Hong offered me a very generous rate. I only paid for 30 sessions. Wong Hong saw potential in me and didn’t want to be paid to guide me.
      That was three years ago. Until today, Wong Hong pushes me – motivating and encouraging me. He doesn’t settle for second-best when he knows one of his charges has the potential to be the best.
      Wong Hong subscribes to sculpting the physique, having size alone didn’t matter to him. Symmetry, aesthetics and beauty were what he looked for. He certainly knew his stuff – giving attention to proper techniques and form in training, and correcting weaknesses with the right diet and nutrition.
      If there is any one person I must thank for whatever I’ve achieved today – Wong Hong will be that person. And how can I not recognize Mr Yiap for triggering it with that fateful introduction.
      Wong Hong took me under his wing, and had never once discouraged or gave up on me. He is more than trainer to me – he is my guru, mentor, role model, and most of all, a true friend.

Kumar - Up and Coming Local Bodybuilder

      "I started working out with Mr Wong roughly 6 Months ago as I wanted to get back into fighting fit form.

      I spoke and met quite a few trainers before I decided to work with Mr Wong and the reason was simple, I wanted someone who was a real professional, knew about physical training, pushed me hard and at the same time made the training interesting and was punctual in terms of agreed dates and times.

      Mr Wong is an exceptional trainer, always punctual and very knowledgeable.

     I would recommend him for anyone who is seriously interested in improving or increasing their physical fitness level."

CEO HSBC Global Resourcing (UK) Pvt Ltd
Kuala Lumpur
Group Head Service Delivery & CEO HGRL
HSBC Technology and Services Service Delivery

      Colin Whitehead had spinal surgery (Lamenectomy) after an accident. After 18 months of training with Wong Hong he is comfortably squatting 250Lbs. A step by step approach was adhered to and Colin does a full leg work out one day per week and squats are an integral part of this. He has come a long way as post surgery his surgeon advised he would be unlikely to be able to do squats again.

Colin Whitehead
Chief Executive Officer of Rentwise

      "I have not felt this good about my body since having children and I want to thank Wong for that. Wong has been a great motivator and coach. He is always changing the routine which is great so I dont get bored. His program has been a good thing for me!"


      "As a life long athlete and former international competitor in Full Contact Karate and Boxing I was always fit, even after retiring from active competition. Then a car crash resulted in major spinal surgery and two missing lower back discs. Running which had been my core fitness tool was no longer an option and the pounds started to go on plus I had developed a metabolism problem as it crashed during the months I went from running at least five times a week to nothing.
      I was fortunate enough to meet Wong Hong and even though I had years of experience behind me I decided to go to him for personal training and the results have been incredible. My body Fat has dropped from 23% and constantly increasing, to 16.5 % in three months and taken 2" of my waistline. Not bad for someone closer to 50 than 40. I have a personal target of sub 12% and believe I will make it in the next few months.
     Wong's expertise is NOT JUST in putting weight training programmes together. He holds a Masters in Nutrition and individualises a food and nutrition programme for each client that focuses on building lean body mass with the resulting metabolism effect.
     I would highly recommend Wong Hong to anyone and everyone whether you are an Olympic Athlete looking for strength gains to a casual exerciser looking for lifelong fitness."

Colin Whitehead
Consultant Sport & Exercise Psychologist
Ultimate Performance Solutions


      "I remember once I see wong the FLEX magazine enter a pro contest but I cant recall the year, but certainly he was huge with his flair back. Till a friend of mine introduce me to the BEAST OF MALAYSIA, I remember for day one I meet him...his very genuine, gentlement person AND who have respect to his fans. The best is he becomes like brother to me, advice and always encouraging to be best and foremost he always say 'TRAIN SMART & STAY FOCUSED'. With all the best team members he have such Tim Lim from Ego Nutrition, and Ali on his belt...he could manage to be among the best. He is sure to have a bright future in the bodybuilding and certainly in the fitness industries as well."

Iwan Setiawan - one of the top local bodybuilders


Billy Wong (Mr KL welterweight champion 2013)

James Phua (Mr KL lightweight runner up 2013)

Prabhu (WHBC member)

Wong Hong

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